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About Savage Lunch:

Savage Lunch is a rolling scenerio style RPG played weekly at the Game Theory Store in Raleigh, NC over our lunch break. Each weeks game will be fast and furiouse, about an hour, thats it!! Just think about your favorite episode of Knight Rider, Bones, the A Team, The X Files, or any other hour long show that kicked arse,.. and that’s Savage Lunch! And since we are playing off the TV show motif…Savage Lunch the RPG will hence forth be called..the Show, and each week’s game will be called.. an Episode. The Show will have a continuing overall story line, but each Episode will be a self contained adventure. The Game Master or ..the Director, will rotate every month or so, taking the story of the Show in his or her own direction. The player characters or…the Cast, will change each week depending on who shows up to play. Our first Director is the brain child behind the concept to play a weekly Savage Worlds game during lunch and has detailed the opening episode of the Show.....

The main characters of Savage Lunch are a motley band of Green Beret’s, Navy Seals, Marine Force Recon, etc..etc.. general tough guys looking for a similar line of work that pays better than the government. Together, they form a private security company called, The Wild Cardz. ( All hail..homage to Savage Worlds…)

In our first Episode, The Wild Cardz have been hired by a private contractor to provide security for an NGO in Afghanistan called Tali-Band-Aid. The Wild Cardz and another team are hired to escort a convoy of medical supplies and equipment along with some aid workers through a mountain pass to a village near Pakistan. The planning went well with the other, more experienced team taking the lead in most of the preparations. The other team is in a vehicle in the lead and the Cardz are in a vehicle at the rear of three trucks carrying supplies and NGO workers. As the convoy slowly works its way through the mountains, near the end of the day the relative quiet mountains are rocked by a thunderous explosion as the lead vehicle explodes in a fireball caused by an IED. The roar quickly fades and is replaced by the screams of the wounded and the sound of automatic weapons fire plunging from the hills into the convoy’s remaining vehicles.

Savage Lunch: The Wild Cardz

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