Bretton Saint-James IV

Commander, knowledge battle, british sas, pathfinder platoon


British Squad leader of a pathfinder platoon deployed to Afghanistan in 2006. In March 2006, 16 Air Assault Brigade’s elite Pathfinder Platoon deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Their primary role was to pave the way for the 3 Para battle group’s forthcoming deployment in the region. From their operational base in Kandahar, the 25 Pathfinders were to put in long range patrols across the area, traveling in heavily-armed WMIK Land Rovers with Pinzgauer 4×4 trucks acting as support motherships. They started patrolling in the district of Garesk, gathering intelligence and getting the lay of the land. As 3 Para battle group deployed and expanded their area of operations, the Pathfinders continued to patrol further out into Taliban-held country.

On April 6th, they patrolled to the village Now Zad of where they came under fire from what turned out be be ‘friendly’ ANP (Afghan National Police) forces. They had to destroy one of their WMIKs when it tipped over during a tactical withdrawal from the contact. A few days later they lost another Land Rover when it drove over a land mine, seriously injuring the occupants. After 52 days, and further abortive attempts to reinforce the Musa Qala base, the beleaguered Pathfinders were eventually reinforced by a Danish force and later relieved by Royal Irish Rangers. Despite the fact that holding ground is not the Pathfinder’s role – they are trained to stay mobile and hit and run – they had held out against sustained attacks by a fanatical enemy. And they had done so without losing any of their own. When that ended, Bretton’s time was up and he retired, finding employment as a security force guard instead.


“stop whining about the heat and sand lad, and just charge that bunker!”

squad leader spotter gear list

AG d8
SM d6
SP d8
ST d4
VI d6

fighting d6
shooting d6
notice d6
survival d6
knowledge battle d6
guts d6
persuasion d6

hinderances – all thumbs (minor) -2 repair skill
enemy (minor)
Overconfident (major)

Common Bond
Great Luck

Pace 6
parry 5
toughness 5/9/13
charisma 0

Bretton Saint-James IV

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